HOODY / 후디

Hoody (후디)

2013년부터 본인만의 음악적 영역을 꾸준히 구축해온 후디는 지난 2015년 말, 레이블 AOMG에 첫 여성 아티스트로 합류하며 큰 관심을 받은 바 있다. 이어 EP [On And On], 싱글 [HANGANG], [하나만 해] 등을 발표, 매력적인 음색과 분위기로 큰 호응은 얻음은 물론 다양한 음악적 스펙트럼을 보여주고 있다.

Hoody has been steadily building her music career since 2013, and by the end of 2015, she had received great attention as the first female artist in AOMG. In addition, she has released EP [OnAndOn], single [HANGANG], and [Can't Wait]. Her works are not only appealing due to the attractive tone and atmosphere, but they also portray her various musical spectrum.

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