LOCO / 로꼬

Loco (로꼬)

힙합 서바이벌 프로그램 ‘Show Me The Money 1’에서 우승을 거두며 데뷔, 이후 꾸준한 작업을 통해 <감아 (Feat. Crush)>, <니가 모르게> 등을 통해 각종 음원 차트를 섭렵하며 힙합 뮤지션으로서의 입지를 굳게 다졌다. 진솔하고 담백한 가사와 유연하고 멜로디컬한 플로우로 대중들은 물론 동료 뮤지션들에게도 인정받고 있는 Loco(로꼬)는 매 발매되는 곡마다 다양한 스타일을 보여주며 음원 강자로서 입지를 넓고 단단히 굳혀가고 있다.

Loco made his debut as he became the finalist of ‘Show Me The Money 1’, a survival hip-hop audition program. Since then, Loco constantly worked on projects, and was able to build his reputation as a hip-hop musician by successfully dominating various music charts with his songs, such as <Hold Me Tight (Feat. Crush)> and <You Don’t Know>. With the use of his signature mixture of candid lyrics and the flexible melodic flow, he has been able to successfully pull a variety of style in the music he has released to this date. Loco has not only been acknowledged by the audience, but also by fellow musicians, and is at the stage of consolidating his position.

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